Retinol Rewind

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Turn back the signs of aging with key ingredients....

    • Retinol - stimulates collagen, accelerates cell turnover
    • Kojic Acid - brightener 
    • Alpha Arbutin - skin brightener 
    • Niacinamide - skin brightener
    • Lactic Acid - helps smooth skin texture
    • CBD/Hemp is an anti inflammatory and is an antioxidant so it also helps skin fight damage caused by free radicals from things like UV radiation from the sun and can aid in the removal of dead skin cells. A perfect harmony with Retinol. 

It can be compared to prescription Retin A but has many other ingredients blended in for a boost.This is what it will do for the skin:

    • Improves skin texture
    • Highly concentrated retinol 
    • Well tolerated, less redness
    • Minimizes deep and fine lines
    • Balances skin tone
    • Fights aging with antioxidants

Did you know retinol has been clinically shown to boost cell turnover and collagen which improves and rewinds the appearance of find lines and wrinkles. 

Directions for use:

  1. Apply in the evening on a clean face
  2. One single pump/dot around the eye area avoiding the eyelid and across upper lip
  3. Spread across entire face like a lotion, again avoiding the eyelid/mouth
  4. Apply moisturizer over top...this will combat dryness
  5. Depending on our skin reaction, you will want to start with 3 days per week for 2 weeks and graduate to 5/7 days!

**If redness or irritation occur, take a few days break and then start over again using 1/2 of a pump. 


Read Our Reviews:

"I am a firm advocate of retinols for skin care.  Scientifically, it 
works.  Retinol Rewind has a great deal of essential skin care musts!  I 
use mine nightly and am very pleased." - Donna Richardson, MD.


"Retinol Rewind is a solid product.  I like the texture and very little 
quantity needed to achieve a result.  I feel like I am actually 
accomplishing something when I put it on nightly." - Kelly Sisson


"Retinols are an essential element of skin care.  As an aesthetic nurse, 
I am constantly trying to give my patients greater results.  Retinol 
Rewind with its gentle yet highly effective components is what I 
recommend to my patients.  Lasers and injectables are well supported 
with this product.  They go hand in hand to achieve vibrant, glowing, 
and youthful skin." - Yvonne McCarley, RN.


"The Retinol Rewind is great!  It really diminishes my wrinkles and tones 
my skin. Love it!" - Mary Moore

"Having been a client of Skyler and Shannon's for years...I was willing 
to try anything they recommended!  Have you seen their skin?  AMAZING. 
Honest and effective- that is what Retinol Rewind brings to the table. 
Try it- you will not be sorry for your purchase." - Wanda Seaver


"Retinol Rewind is hands down the best and made me look 10 years 
younger!!  So many compliments. Thank you!!" - DeDe Korber


"Retinol Rewind has completely changed my skin. I had spots where acne had been and since using this product, they are pretty much gone! Amazing!" - Mia Holm 



"I want to tell you how much I like Retinol Rewind!  It literally zaps 
pimples that are about to come up!!  I Love it!! Thanks so much!" - Gina Nute

"I love this product.  My skin looks amazing.  For this reason, I have 
chosen to carry Dope Dames Causemetics in my own business. I keep receiving compliments!" - Leili Farhangi of Leiliflower Skin Care and Master Esthetician