"I am a firm advocate of retinols for skin care.  Scientifically, it 
works.  Retinol Rewind has a great deal of essential skin care musts!  I 
use mine nightly and am very pleased." - Donna Richardson, MD.


"Retinol Rewind is a solid product.  I like the texture and very little 
quantity needed to achieve a result.  I feel like I am actually 
accomplishing something when I put it on nightly." - Kelly Sisson


"Retinols are an essential element of skin care.  As an aesthetic nurse, 
I am constantly trying to give my patients greater results.  Retinol 
Rewind with its gentle yet highly effective components is what I 
recommend to my patients.  Lasers and injectables are well supported 
with this product.  They go hand in hand to achieve vibrant, glowing, 
and youthful skin." - Yvonne McCarley, RN.


"The Retinol Rewind is great!  It really diminishes my wrinkles and tones 
my skin. Love it!" - Mary Moore

"Having been a client of Skyler and Shannon's for years...I was willing 
to try anything they recommended!  Have you seen their skin?  AMAZING. 
Honest and effective- that is what Retinol Rewind brings to the table. 
Try it- you will not be sorry for your purchase." - Wanda Seaver


"Retinol Rewind is hands down the best and made me look 10 years 
younger!!  So many compliments. Thank you!!" - DeDe Korber


"Retinol Rewind has completely changed my skin. I had spots where acne had been and since using this product, they are pretty much gone! Amazing!" - Mia Holm 


"I want to tell you how much I like Retinol Rewind!  It literally zaps 
pimples that are about to come up!!  I Love it!! Thanks so much!" - Gina Nute

"I love this product.  My skin looks amazing.  For this reason, I have 
chosen to carry Dope Dames Causemetics in my own business. I keep receiving compliments!" - Leili Farhangi of Leiliflower Skin Care and Master Esthetician


“I like the price point, new texture of skin, and lightening of dark spots!” - Mary Dodd


“I love Retinol Rewind.  I have only been using for a short period, but I can already tell the difference in my skin texture and it definitely has softened the lines. I would suggest this product to anyone!” - Carla Burchard


”I was given a bottle of this Retinol and CBD infused product back in May. I’ve been using “just a dab” around my wrinkle zones (eyes, lips, forehead) every other night before bed and have seen marked improvement On the PLUS side, each purchase gives a proceed from the sale as a donation back to Laughing Pony Rescue. - Brenda Swann Palmer


Retinol Rewind made me peel (lightly) the first week. Didn't think I had anything to exfoliate with all I do! I backed it down to twice per week and it is perfect!Terri Bennett, Esthetician/Salon Owner

I have tried so many other products and this makes my skin noticeably smoother and brighter. Actually makes me glad to invest in myself!
Emily Stubbs
The Retinol Rewind is a must! After applying at night, I wake up in the morning with a noticeable difference-firmer, clearer skin! Definitely a game changer for my skin! Thank you again for all your skin help!
Kristin Lyons