Our Story

Skyler and Shannon met 9 years ago at a salon here in San Diego, this was the start of a beautiful and truly unique friendship.  Skyler running a concierge med spa and Shannon breaking into the aesthetics industry- and it just clicked.  Skyler hired Shannon to work for med spa within 6 months, which blossomed into a right hand woman kind of relationship and nowadays they take turns with "who work for who!"
We are asked nearly every day by med spa clients which skin products to purchase.  Like many of you, we are constantly searching and striving for products that will yield our best skin. Dope Dames is founded by two women who want legit skin results, not 25 products on the counter, and have little time for anything extra in their day...except possibly a cocktail!
For years we have been recommending various skin care lines for me spa           clients, until it clicked- why don't we launch our own skin line! So with big ideas and a real interest in bringing a little something extra special to the skin industry, Dope Dames was born. We are fully committed to bringing powerful skin care and enhancing the skin one face at a time.
This passion for beautiful skin supports our equal passion for the rescue of slaughter bound equines. We are called "Causemetics" for this reason, and we partnered with Laughing Pony Rescue to donate a portion of all proceeds to help animals in need. It is a truly wonderful feeling as a consumer to make yourself feel good while doing good. 
Dope Dames is an all encompassing vibe of women who are making a difference, supporting a cause, changing their industry, following their hearts and just being DOPE!
XO, The Dope Dames